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Whether it is through a Self-Love Coaching Program, Healing Music or a Pilgrimage Experience, whether it is through a Personal Development Course, a Holistic Retreat or an Emotional Intelligence Workshop, I am here to support you in your process of Self-Knowledge, in your Transformation, and in your Personal and Spiritual Growth. Why? So that you can become more and more the Best Version of Yourself!

Allow yourself to go deeper

I will support you in your healing process, so that you can live the life you deserve!


You already have all the answers inside you, you just need some guidance to go deeper and truly follow your intuition, which is the voice of your heart speaking to you. Once you begin to truly follow your heart, you will find that the usual doubts will no longer make sense, and everything you need to do to live the life of your dreams will be very clear before your eyes, heart, and soul.

Ready for your great transformation?

After walking The St James Way for the first time, my rebirth started; the “old me” didn’t make sense anymore, so I went after new things. That’s how the wonderful universe of coaching and personal development entered my life. Parallel to this, spirituality was increasingly present, practices such as yoga and meditation were now part of my daily life, and I also started to eat more healthily. More and more the FEELING spoke to me much more than the thinking. As I continued to do my pilgrimages each year, now added to spirituality and personal development, the deeper I dived into myself, and I began to realize that this was positively affecting the people around me wherever I went. I felt that I was being myself more and more, I was allowing myself to be my essence, the primordial being that dwells within me. Suddenly I realized what this was really about: I was walking the PATH OF THE HEART, I was letting my heart guide all my steps and actions.

Now it’s your turn to start walking this revolutionary path that will change your life too!

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