The Power of Music as Medicine for The Soul. Yes, we do HEALING MUSIC, to guide you to reconnect with your Inner Light. 

IN LIGHT & LOVE is the first musical work by Neo One Eon and Rita Heartist together. Neo and Rita met in early 2021, and have always felt a very strong connection when it comes to Music and Spirituality. After a few months traveling, Neo came back to Portugal in 2022 and the result of this reunion can be appreciated in the debut EP “IN LIGHT & LOVE”. with emphasis on the harmony between their voices and the way they share their music.

A musical journey back to your heart

With lyrics which speak directly to the heart and melodies that touch the soul, “IN LIGHT & LOVE” invite us to let Love and Light guide our steps, as it can be found in the excerpt “In light and love that we belong”, in the title track and in “Let the sun shine inside of you”, in the chorus of “THE LIGHT IN YOU”. The EP also features an original version of the mantra “LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU”.The songs were recorded in Torres Novas, Portugal, between May and June 2022. Neo and Rita’s intention is to share a message of Love, Light, Peace and Hope to people, always sharing also the importance of the balance between the masculine and feminine energies working together to build a new humanity. And nothing better than to accomplish this very special mission through Music, the Great Universal Language.


Neo also has developed the Mantra Circle, a sacred mantra sharing space created to bring peace and serenity into your daily life through the power of healing music. 

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