LIFE IS ART – 4 steps to optimize your creative process

The purpose of the LIFE IS ART video collection is to help you in your CREATIVE PROCESS, if you have felt in your heart that you have an ARTIST’S SOUL .But this series of videos is also dedicated to those who want ART to be more and more part of their lives, because the tips that are shared in the videos and articles bring messages that you can use in your daily life. So, welcome to this incredible journey towards your CREATIVE POTENTIAL ❤.

In this article I want to share with you 4 TIPS for the development of your creative process, focusing on your ARTISTIC CREATION. But, as I said before, even if you don’t have a relationship with art yet, you can take advantage of these tips to develop your projects with a focus on the SACRALITY OF CREATION. This article, like the second video in the LIFE IS ART video collection, is inspired by the message in my new book AGEHU – Where Life Begins to Change, which highlights two key issues before we move on to today’s important tips:

1. Where and when to change – are you ready for a change in your life?

2. Are you still waiting for the right moment to take action or do you feel that this moment is here and now?

So let’s go, below are the 4 STEPS to optimize your CREATIVE PROCESS:

✔ FIND YOUR CREATIVE COCOON: Here is the first fundamental part for you to have an excellent creative process, choose the place that can be your creative cocoon, a sacred space dedicated to your creation. It can be a space in your bedroom, it can be a place in nature, the important thing is that it is a place where you can remain in concentration and with focus on your creative process, without external distractions or interruptions.

✔ LET YOUR ARTIST SOUL SPEAK: Since you have found your creative cocoon, now is the time to let your artist soul express itself. This is really an essential moment in the creative process, because this is where many people feel a block. The important thing is to let your inspiration flow freely, that is, without worrying whether it is good or not, or whether it is ready or not. That’s the moment of writing down everything, but everything! The more you let out all the artistic expression inside you in a natural way, the broader your creativity and the results that come from it will be.

✔ FEEL THE POWER OF CREATION: Now is the time to organize the ideas, to give form to everything that your artist soul expressed so purely in the previous step. This is the time for “heartstorming”, for feeling in your heart what makes the most sense, for playing with words, for testing the possibilities, for using your creativity to its fullest potential. Give wings to your imagination in this moment, try to be authentic, try to truly feel in your heart what you want to share with the world.

✔ IT’S SHOWTIME: After you have felt in your heart that your artistic work is ready, now it’s time to practice. Yes, this is the time to practice, practice and practice, to turn all the theory into practice. Say your creation out loud, play your song or music, rehearse your artistic expression until you feel it is ready to win the world. Make your creative cocoon your stage, until the moment comes when you feel in your heart and soul that your masterpiece is ready to meet other stages around the world.

It is essential to keep your FOCUS ON CREATION, so I strongly recommend that you dedicate at least 1 to 2 HOURS A DAY to your CREATIVE PROCESS. Of course it all depends on how much you are available to dedicate to your dream, be it art related or not. Follow these steps, starting from defining your CREATIVE COCOON, and you will have wonderful results very soon, whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist. What I propose here is to INTENSIFY YOUR PROCESS, to dive even deeper into all the CREATIVE POTENTIAL that exists inside you.

Watch the second video of the series LIFE IS ART with the same theme of this article here:

I let a kiss in your heart and a I see you in the next article!


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