There is a lot of talk about alternative cures and therapies these days, this is a subject that can no longer be denied or glossed over as in times past. We are living a kind of “return to the essentials”, we are reviving ancient rituals, revaluing our long-standing ancestors like not seen in a long time. Of course the involvement with art and its use as a tool for healing and liberation could not be left out, as art is the free expression of the soul, which is where one wants to reconnect more and more.

The subject chosen for this article, and also for the new video in the LIFE IS ART video collection, which premiered this week on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, is based on:(re)affirmation ART HEALS, a topic that is not new to anyone, given the growing acceptance and use of therapy through art and music, for example. The intent of this article is to share with you what has worked and continues to work for me as I go through more difficult times.

So below are the 4 suggestions I have separated on how to use art as medicine and healing::

✔ THE POWER OF SINGING: Every time you don’t feel well, sing that song that does you so much good. But sing freely, let the song set your soul free, do not worry about singing well or not. Sing again and again and again until you feel a relief in your soul.

✔ WRITING DOWN: Here the secret is to express everything you are feeling, no matter if it’s in an organized way or not. The important thing is to let it flow, to pass all the stress and anguish to the paper, to let that feeling fading away.through the lines and pages in front of you. Write and write and write until you feel that relief in your soul.

✔ MUSIC AS MEDICINE: Meditation music, Indian chants Mantras, Medicine music, all of these are valid for soothing the soul. But here I’d like to suggest listening to the piano in the hardest times and to listen to any of the above before going to sleep; both preferably using headphones, so that the music heals every cell of your being at that moment.

✔ PAINTING TIME: Besides being a great stress-reliever, painting is also a great opportunity to let your inner child express itself. So paint without limits as much as you need to soothe your heart and soul. Let alchemy happen through painting. The important thing is to have no rules, use the brush or any part of your body that “speaks to you” in your moment of free expression of your artistic soul

The purpose of the LIFE IS ART video collection is to help you in your CREATIVE PROCESS, if you have felt in your heart that you have an ARTIST SOUL. But this series of videos is also dedicated to those who want ART to be more and more a part of their lives, because the tips that are shared in the videos and articles bring messages that you can use in your daily life.

Watch the new video in the LIFE IS ART video collection with the same theme as this article here:


Heart & Soul Guidance through Heartcoaching, Pilgrimage and Healing Music

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