In this article we will talk about how to live in light and love. But what does this mean? Is it really possible to live in light and love?

The theme chosen for this article, and also for the third video in the LIFE IS ART video collection, which premiered this week on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, is based on my song IN LIGHT & LOVE, title track of the EP I released together with RITA HEARTIST in 2022. The message of the song’s lyrics has been divided into topics, to help you with your CREATIVE PROCESS, if that is the purpose for which you are following the articles and videos in this series. But this division into topics also helps you absorb the message even more deeply, if you are here because you are a lover of music and art.

Check below 4 TIPS on how you can start living your life in light and love::

✔ IN LOVE AND LIGHT MOOD: Living in love and light is living in the present moment, it’s about realizing that life is here and now. In this way, you become the Light and Love that flows within you, you are more connected to your Essence, and you are more receptive to the messages that your soul and heart are wanting to send you. When you are living fully in the present moment, you leave the limiting beliefs and ghosts of the past behind, taking daily actions to build your future.

✔ NO ROOM FOR FEAR: When you are truly in love and light, you leave no room for fear to develop. There is no such possibility, because you are rooted in the opposite direction, at the other end of this energetic line that has fear at one end and love at the other. With each attempt by fear to gain ground, you focus your personal energy on the present moment and let your heart be your master and guide you in each and every action you take.

✔ BREATH LIFE WITH LOVE: Every action, every small step is important when you live in light and love. Breathing life with love is to be aware of every act and every word you say to others, to the Universe and to yourself. When you breathe life with love, you are filled with the most powerful feeling there is, gratitude – and this makes all the difference in how you live your life.

✔ TRUST THE PATH AND KEEP THE FAITH: In light and love, you trust the path, you feel that there is Something Greater that guides and directs you, you know that there is a divinely designed plan for you. But you also keep faith, faith in yourself, faith that your daily actions will lead you to make all your dreams and goals come true. On the one hand, you know that there is something wonderful destined for you, and on the other you are aware that you also have to do your part to get there.

The purpose of the LIFE IS ART video collection is to help you in your CREATIVE PROCESS, if you have felt in your heart that you have an ARTIST SOUL. But this series of videos is also dedicated to those who want ART to be more and more a part of their lives, because the tips that are shared in the videos and articles bring messages that you can use in your daily life.

Watch the new video in the LIFE IS ART video collection with the same theme as this article here:

I let you a big hug full of LIGHT & LOVE, have a great weekend!


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