How to define your new goals

How to define your new goals

Today we are going to talk about something that I think is crucial in a heartcoaching process and in the universe of coaching and personal development in general: how to define your new goals. This is one of the parts of the process that I like the most, because it has to do with creation, with making the best choices – it’s about being conscious about what is the best choice for that moment of your life.

To set new goals with awareness and wisdom you need to be aware of some fundamental principles regarding how you should think and feel about them, so that they can be well aligned with what is important to you. That’s a great opportunity to go even deeper in your personal development process, in your transformation.

So it is with great joy that I share with you some tips that can guide you about HOW TO DEFINE YOUR NEW GOALS and get to your much desired results:


It’s critical that your goals are aligned with your values. So it’s time to take a deep breath, grab pen and paper and write down your values before setting your new goals, always keeping in mind that they have to be close to your values and your life vision. Is your goal aligned with what you want for your future? If yes, then get to work on making a plan to realize it.


– SPECIFIC: The goal must be as clear as possible, getting to the point, with well-defined form and content. For example, instead of saying that your goal is “I want to lose weight this year,” it’s more appropriate and powerful to say “I want to lose 10 pounds in the next 2 months.” In this way, you are specifying to your brain (and to the Universe) that you want to accomplish that precise action in that certain period of time, making the message clearer and more powerful.

– TIMING: The goal must have a delimited time, a deadline to be met, otherwise everything becomes too “loose”, which disperses energy and makes it difficult to have a more refined focus. Having a timing, it’s easier to make the action plan to achieve that goal, it’s simpler to know how much and when you can dedicate yourself to your goal.

– GROWTH: Another very important thing is that your goal can generate growth for you, that it can bring you benefits and make you feel that you are taking another step forward in your evolution as a human being. A goal with this purpose becomes a noble goal to accomplish, something worth doing, something that can inspire you in other areas of your life as well.


To achieve your goal, every step along the way is important. You must dedicate your time and energy to your dreams and goals every day until they become a reality, When you become aware that every action is critical to realizing your goal and that these actions must be taken every day, the results are more effective and immediate. In addition, by acting daily in pursuit of your goals, you end up creating the habit of not procrastinating and of being focused on the present moment.


Once you have acquired daily discipline with your goals and feel that they are clear and aligned with your values, now it’s time to find the solutions to successfully achieve them. There is no room for “guesswork” here, the important thing is to use your head (and your heart, of course!) to create multiple solutions – ideally you should find at least 40 solutions for each goal. Yes, it is possible! If you dedicate yourself body, soul, and heart to this fundamental task to realize your dreams and goals, you will see how the solutions will come naturally.

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A kiss in the heart and until the next article!


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