HEARTCOACHING – The art of following the heart

HeartCoaching is a process that aims to develop, challenge, support and empower people to sustainably reach their full individual/professional/spiritual potential according with the heart’s voice, through some special tools, among them the power of the right questions – the answers are already within you; I will be here to assist you in finding them.

During the process, the focus is on thinking about the present to build the future. It is important to know what happened in your past or what brought you here, but the focus is on what you can do today to attract the future you desire. HeartCoaching is always much more focused on feeling than thinking, because it is in feeling that you truly walk the Path of the Heart. It’s about unlocking your potential through action, because without action there are no results. It’s not enough to say we already understand on a mental level, we have to act. HeartCoaching is about action, actions guided by feeling. No matter how much we understand or know about a particular situation, what really matters is what we do to improve that situation.

In other words, I will support you in defining your goals and strategies to get the results you want to achieve.

I will optimise the potential that already exists within you. I don’t create anything, I will assist you in your creation process, so that you can objectively see where you are now (current state) and where you really want to be (future state) with minimal effort and also with as much pleasure and lightness as possible. I am here to unconditionally support your growth, your process of discovery; I am here to celebrate your blossoming. For me the important thing is that in the end you feel that your life is balanced with your values, your mission and your life purpose.

So sometimes I’m gonna challenge you to go beyond, to think of more and more different solutions. I will invite you to get out of your comfort zone to find the solutions you need, but always as a way of encouragement, always according to what you feel is best for you. Let’s get feedback from the situations, let’s learn from them and let’s keep working until we get the desired result.

There is no failure in the process, I truly believe that we can all achieve what we aim for, and if you haven’t yet, it’s not because you’re not able for it. A good example of what I am saying is when a child starts learning to walk – sometimes she will fall and then try to get up, but at neither of those times will the parents think she has failed or that she will never learn to walk just because she fell. In other words, she hasn’t failed; she sends feedback from the situation.

Finally, the big goal is that you can become your own coach. HeartCoaching will never be a process aimed at creating dependency, but rather at promoting self-awareness and self-management of your life, so that you can dream big and at the same time feel joy and gratitude for every small step you take with the intention of making your dreams come true. All the process always following the path of feeling, the path of your heart: the best guide, the best GPS that exists in the world. 


Heart & Soul Guidance through Heartcoaching, Pilgrimage and Healing Music

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