How do you know what is a priority for you? What is important, but not urgent? What is urgent, but not important? What are you ready to let go of your life? Let’s talk about all this in the lines of this article dedicated to identifying what no longer makes sense to you.

The first thing to do is to know how your relationship with your past is. Do you feel that you are still carrying some past burdens on your shoulders? Are you still living unresolved situations with someone or something that is no longer part of your daily life? Or are you well resolved with your past and with everything you have lived until now? All these questions are very important to get to the first big step to identify what no longer makes sense to you and list your priorities for this year:


It is essential that we learn the valuable lessons that the past has brought us, so that we don’t make the same mistakes, or so that we improve our actions and shape our behavior toward the goal of living a full and abundant life. However, these are lessons that have already happened, these are situations that are no longer here in the present moment. So it’s really very important to be at peace with the past, to be in gratitude for everything that happened to us and not to hang on anything, so that we can follow our road with calm, love and light in our actions and words.

Once this is done, you are free to make a list of your dreams and priorities for 2023. But when I say make a list, I’m talking about taking pencil or pen and put your creative energy on paper – this is a simple and very powerful technique for your brain to better assimilate the message, and for this message to be sent to the Universe with even more strength and clarity. We will talk more about the specificity and clarity of goals in another article.

It may be easier to put your dreams on paper, but what about your priorities? Do you know how to define what is a priority for you? To help you, I would like to share with you the ideas of the EISENHOWER MATRIX. This tool was created some time ago, but it’s still very effective in elaborating tasks and planning actions not only in your personal life, but also in your professional life.


The Eisenhower Matrix is based on two initial categories:

  • Important and not important
  • Urgent and non-urgent

IMPORTANT ACTIONS are those that have a direct impact on goals and results that need to be met in the medium/long term, while URGENT ACTIONS are those that have immediate consequences and a defined deadline. Below are the 4 quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix:

  1. IMPORTANT AND URGENT: Here should be the actions that are crucial for the realization of your work or achievement and a dream or goal. Failure to complete these actions or tasks can have immediate and also long-term consequences. Therefore, the important thing is to perform these actions here and now, without procrastinating!
  2. IMPORTANT AND NOT URGENT: In this second quadrant you should place the actions or activities related to your goals, but which have a longer deadline to be executed or that may not even have a defined deadline. Here are those tasks that you can think about more in depth and that you can spend more time planning. It’s like the next step of the actions that have already been carried out in the first quadrant.
  3. NOT IMPORTANT AND URGENT: It is important to think about which activities and actions should be included in this quadrant, because many times we direct our energy and focus to situations that appear urgent, but are not really important at that moment. Here we usually find actions that we can delegate to other people at a time when we are already performing an important or priority activity.
  4. NOT IMPORTANT AND NOT URGENT: The actions that are placed here are usually those that we don’t really need to perform at that moment, tasks that will not add anything to your objectives and goals. As an example, we can cite going into socials at a time when you are focused on performing actions from the first quadrant. It’s better, in this case, to leave them for later.

So now it is easier to decide what your priorities are this year? And regarding what you can leave behind, is it now clearer to decide what you should continue to invest your energy and time in? Put everything on paper, your dreams, your goals, your priorities, it’s all very important for you to achieve the results and victories you so much aim for in this magical year 2023!

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